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Labor inclusion and non-discrimination policy 2021 - 2024

According to the United Nations standards of conduct on employment discrimination, it says:

“Employees, and other people with whom the company relates, have the right not to be discriminated against. Companies must guarantee that there is no discrimination in hiring, during work, in working conditions or benefits, respect for privacy or treatment of harassment.”  

eScire adheres to these rules of conduct to promote diversity and inclusion for all individuals who work or collaborate within the company, both directly and indirectly.



eScire adopts a culture of labor respect, inclusive and non-discriminatory, always guaranteeing equal opportunities for any member of the company, within any department of the same, regardless of nationality, culture, race or ethnicity, religion or beliefs, gender identity or sexual orientation, age, disability, marital or marital status, or other attributes.



  • Safeguard and respect the human rights of each person and/or individual who works or collaborates in the company, either directly or indirectly.

  • Respect any individual differences.

  • Grant the same opportunities for hiring, training, development, promotion and remuneration, promoting an inclusive work environment.

  • Exercise an environment of respect and equality, free of discrimination and harassment, always strengthening tolerance between individuals in the company.

  • Promote an inclusive and respectful language, without discrimination, non-sexist, avoiding any type of physical or verbal violence, in any type of internal or external communication.

  • Eliminate intolerant expressions and actions, intentional or not, about racism, homophobia, misogyny, xenophobia, or any other expression that denotes some type of discrimination.  

  • Strengthen labor inclusion, establishing norms that allow the right to decent work, for any person with a disability or a different condition, and a remuneration equal to that of another person.

  • Promote a balance between work and personal life, knowing that there is co-responsibility between  bothyes



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