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connecting research,
Identifying knowledge.

eScire has formed a regional consortium that promotes transparency, openness and visibility of research data, with the following objectives:


  • Support the creation and assignment of DOI identifiers and the assignment of accompanying metadata.

  • Offer services that support the search and discovery of research content.

  • Promote data citation and promotion through the  construction of informative materials among the research community.

Get community support in Spanish.


It fully exploits the linkage with other identifiers such as ROR and ORCID.

All statistical information is provided openly.





Supports I4OC open access initiatives.

Allows you to consult your appointments globally and free of charge.

It has the power to give you the transparency you need

The advantage of acquiring Datacite is that in addition to being part of our regional consortium, all statistical information on data use is provided in an open manner, it supports I4OC open access initiatives, it allows a greater scope to know how many times you have been cited and consult your appointments globally and for free.




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Organization 3

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