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About eScire

Open Science Consulting

At eScire, we work on solutions that promote open access knowledge, promoting multi and interdisciplinary projects  and that focus on having a complete overview of the areas of value and opportunity for each institution.

Our job is to know and understand the objectives and desires of each institution and its areas, so that with that we provide comprehensive consulting and attached to the needs and priorities of each client.


We are promoters of the use of free software and our work philosophy is strongly influenced by the fundamental concepts of Copyleft.

We believe in the freedom of the user through the use of free software, without confusing it with a free service, since we understand that it has nothing to do with the cost issue and that its focus is in the direction of giving the public the freedom to learn it. , adapt it, share it with whoever you want and above all, guarantee unrestricted access to your information, as well as total control of your computing.

We believe that currently the discussion on the use of free software over proprietary software use licenses has evolved into a discussion oriented towards the integration of the best technological tools based on criteria of interoperability, permanence, quality and security.

Finally, we believe that any project in which we are involved must be developed with honesty, quality and efficiency.

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eScire emerged in Mexico in 2012 with a team of people with more than 15 years of experience in the information sector and development of software solutions for Libraries and knowledge-generating entities.

The closest antecedent to eScire is IBSA, a project that we started in 2006 and whose focus was the development of an application for the generation of statistics that would allow libraries to have real control regarding the consultation of their digital collections; Later, the system was extended to services aimed at online user assistance, as well as the management of Digital Library tools.

At IBSA we had the opportunity to work with various higher education institutions in Mexico, supporting them in improving their Digital Library services, a fact that led us to learn about DSpace, a free software platform for managing digital repositories. It was this event that allowed us to visualize the scope and possibilities of free software, as well as all the advantages it offered to Libraries.

From this moment on, our group of developers began to explore the different free software alternatives for various information and knowledge management scenarios, leading us to consolidate a team of experts on platforms such as DSpace, OJS (Open Journal Systems), Koha, Moodle etc

Currently IBSA continues to be part of eScire as a company focused on promoting free software services for library management and automation. See more information about IBSA on its site


We are a multidisciplinary team with a service-based approach and enough experience in different areas; eScire is made up of consultants specialized in information management, with a strong track record in digital repositories, scientific journals, digital publications, digital preservation, digital library, as well as strategic project planning that includes complete documentation of the same, as well as such as monitoring to achieve successful and interoperable systems.

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